What is
Margin Trading Facility?

Margin Trading Facilityalso known as margin trading or leverage trading, is a service offered by Comfort Securities that allows investors to buy securities by borrowing funds from the brokerage firm. It enables investors to amplify their buying power and potentially increase their returns by leveraging borrowed funds to invest in securities.

Account Opening

It is paperless & takes flat 5 minutes!

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Benefits of Margin Trading Facility

Boost Your Buying Power

Margin trading enables leveraging existing capital to purchase more securities than possible with cash alone, enhancing potential returns

Portfolio Diversification

Margin trading facilitates effective portfolio diversification by providing additional funds to spread investments across a wider range of securities.

Flexibility and Liquidity

Margin trading offers flexibility and liquidity, enabling you to seize investment opportunities despite limited cash reserves.

Potential for Higher Returns

Margin trading increases buying power, potentially yielding higher investment returns than traditional cash-only trading.

Short-selling Opportunities

Margin trading enables short-selling, allowing you to profit from declining prices by selling borrowed securities and repurchasing them at a lower cost.

How Margin Trading Facility Works

Margin Account Setup
Open a margin trading account with us to access our services after approval.
Borrowing Funds
Once the margin account is set up, investors can borrow funds from Comfort Securities to invest in securities, with the borrowed amount secured by the securities held in the account as collateral.
Margin Requirements
Maintain a minimum amount of equity in your margin account relative to the value of your securities holdings, as per our margin requirements.
Margin Calls
In case of adverse price movements, we may issue margin calls requiring you to deposit additional funds or securities to meet margin requirements.
Interest Charges
Lowest interest charges of 18% per annum on borrowed funds for margin trading, accruing based on the borrowed amount and prevailing interest rate.
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